A Passion for Red


Hope everyone’s been well.

I haven’t posted for a while, so though I would post all my favourite outfits of the last month. I will also  talk about my new YouTube video of my little hair dye experiment I did last month too, it gets messy!

As you’ve probably noticed by now I love being a redhead, naturally I am a blonde so I can get away with dying my hair lighter colours without bleaching first. I have been getting my colour done in the hairdressers for five years but with saving for me and Matt’s wedding + honeymoon money is tight so I’ve had to find box dyes. 

I find it hard to find for a natural looking red. I have dyed my hair again since the video on YouTube using Nice n’ Easy’s Perfect 10 in Medium Reddish Blonde 8RB, I think I will stick to this colour as not only does it take 10 minutes it’s such a natural colour. I read reviews stating that it fades very quickly but as I only dyed 2 days ago and will be washing my hair again today I can’t possibly comment.

Colour fades if the hair condition is bad or not using colour saver shampoo + conditioner. I use John Frieda’s Radiant Red Shampoo + Conditioner, which I also team with Aussie’s 3 minute miracle.

See below for my outfits, redhead inspiration and my YouTube review/tutorial.

From Top Left to right:

  • Black & Purple Polka Dot Dress: H&M.
  • Black Shirt Dress: H&M.
  • Floral Bralet: Topshop, Floral Pencil Skirt: Topshop.
  • Floral Bralet Dress: Topshop. 
  • Emma Stone Met Gala 2014 Inspired Outfit: Pink crop top: Topshop, pink skater skirt: New Look.
  • White Polka Dot Dress: Primark.

Redhead inspiration:

Tutorial & Review:


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Classic Old Hollywood Hair


Hope you’ve all been well!

This month I have dived into opening a YouTube account and have done two YouTube tutorials on using foam rollers.

Foam/Sponge rollers can give different looks depending on what set you use and which directions you choose to use. Vintage hairstyles take a lot of practice so if you don’t get it the first time just keep practicing!

Vintage hairstyles never go out of fashion, they are constantly done by modern celebrities, for magazine shoots, premiers and mostly award shows.

Most Old Hollywood starlets had a signature look that they are still remembered for today. Whether that be Rita’s S-shaped raven waves, Elizabeth’s short dark curls, Lauren’s timeless soft waves, Veronica’s peek-a-boo sultry long waves or Marilyn’s platinum curls or sometimes waves, these hairstyles are still copied by today’s famous and non-famous…

If you have any requests just ask!

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Karina x

A long hot Old Hollywood Style Summer…


It’s been a while since my last blog post, hope you are all well!

Last night I came back from a girls holiday in Majorca, Spain. I had a lot of fun with my sister Faye and our friend Jess but it was also a chance to wear my new bikini’s and dress up in the evenings! Especially as it was boiling!

I haven’t posted for a few weeks before my holiday, so also here are some of my favourites; from polka dot bikinis, shirt dresses, strappy dresses to make up and my inspiration for these.

I am always inspired by Old Hollywood actresses aswell as new media culture celeb’s following the vintage style, such as: Zooey Deschanel, Christina Hendricks, and occasionally Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift.

You don’t have to like fashion blogs to like this blog, just enjoy the rare old hollywood images!

Click on the images for a bigger image or hover over them to see where my outfits or make up are from:

I am also on Tumblr now, I post on there nearly everyday, so follow me at: Trulyoldhollywoodvintage.tumblr.com

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Old Hollywood florals, inspired by Audrey in Funny Face!


I haven’t posted for a while!

I been busy finishing reading all the books I bought the other weekend and re-watching a lot of Audrey Hepburn classics, such as: Funny Face, Paris When It Sizzles, Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Audrey is so classy, funny and charming, no wonder so many people are still inspired by her 50 years after her movies were so popular.

The movie Funny Face is cinematically beautiful and scenes such as when she dresses up in so many beautiful and colourful dresses are enchanting!

But the floral dress she wears in one shot got me thinking about how floral prints have come and gone into fashion so many times but they always come back. Love them or hate them floral prints are a classic print and can make any girl feel extra girly and feminine.

(Photos from Funny Face of Audrey Hepburn and floral prints on Old Hollywood screen starlets + two of my favourite current actresses Christina Hendricks and Zooey Deschanel)

Karina. x