Classic Old Hollywood Hair


Hope you’ve all been well!

This month I have dived into opening a YouTube account and have done two YouTube tutorials on using foam rollers.

Foam/Sponge rollers can give different looks depending on what set you use and which directions you choose to use. Vintage hairstyles take a lot of practice so if you don’t get it the first time just keep practicing!

Vintage hairstyles never go out of fashion, they are constantly done by modern celebrities, for magazine shoots, premiers and mostly award shows.

Most Old Hollywood starlets had a signature look that they are still remembered for today. Whether that be Rita’s S-shaped raven waves, Elizabeth’s short dark curls, Lauren’s timeless soft waves, Veronica’s peek-a-boo sultry long waves or Marilyn’s platinum curls or sometimes waves, these hairstyles are still copied by today’s famous and non-famous…

If you have any requests just ask!

Thanks for reading

Karina x


Old Hollywood Glamour In New York

Bonjour Lovelies!


Hope everyone has been well since my last post!

I just got back from my holiday in New York yesterday and I cannot wait to tell you & show you all about it; From what I wore, to where I got my style inspiration from and to… oh yeah and to getting engaged to my handsome boyfriend of 7 years, so I will show you a little picture of the ring!

So, as I went in Christmas time it was very cold, (but also pretty and romantic) so I needed something to keep me warm. As a staple item from the 1940s’ and 1950’s the fur coat is always a reliable and fashionable item. My fur coat is just a faux fur coat from Oasis because I don’t like the thought of wearing real fur, this Oasis one cost me £100 which I managed to get for the first bid of £25 on Ebay as the seller lost the receipt so couldn’t take it back. It was such a lovely coat so I was preparing myself for a bidding war but it didn’t happen! So £25 was all I paid in the end and I couldn’t be more pleased with it!

I also needed a hat to keep my head and ears warm, I don’t just take one so I took a white faux fur headband to keep my ears warm from George at Asda, two hats both from H&M (one black, one red) and I bought some lovely caramel coloured faux fur ear muffs while I was in New York!

Most days I wore pencil skirts with a lot of layers for the top: a thermal long sleeve top, a vest, another long sleeve top and a statement knitted jumper or cardigan (The striped jumper was bought from Forever 21 in Times Square).

On one day as you will see I wore a floral dress from Topshop which I had long sleeves on underneath but I made a lot of Marilyn blowing of the skirt scenes in  this so I went back to my trusted Topshop pencil skirt’s!

The night we went to The Rockefeller Center I had no idea I would leave engaged, after being with someone for 7 years and it never happening I kind of thought it wasn’t going to happen to me, but as I stared out at the night sky at the New York skyline being cuddled by Matt he suddenly turned to me and he said this amazing romantic speech (which I’d prefer to keep to myself) then he got down on one knee, presenting a little box in his hand with a diamond ring in it and he asked me to marry him; My glove covering my face and tears streaming down my face I said yes.

Thanks for reading, I’m so happy to share that memory with you,

Karina  xxx

Autumn, vintage style.


I hope you’ve all been well.

Autumn is here,  Halloween, Bonfire night and kicking around leaves! These are the only reasons I love this time of year (and christmas) as I really hate the cold! On Halloween I never like to dress as the same character twice, my outfits are most of the time Disney themed or comic book themed, occasionally scary costumes.. This year I decided to be Poison Ivy and sewed some faux leaves on to a corset, but there was also a dress up day at work, so decided to be Jigsaw from Saw. In a moment of boredom I also decided to play around with make up and become Frankenstein’s Monster’s Bride! All the make up I used was just in my make up box and inspired by videos on YouTube.

This December I’m going back to New York with my boyfriend, Matt, which I can’t wait for! It’s definitely going to be freezing so I needed a new coat; a coat that’s warm but a vintage, old hollywood style. I ended up buying a Topshop red faux fur collar coat, which is so lovely.

I’ve also been experimenting with more vintage hair styles, using foam rollers and pin curls with 1:1 water and setting lotion to wet set it. I normally use heated rollers or do “headband curls” overnight, which is where you just wrap your hair around a headband over and over; there are YouTube videos for this! But I feel this doesn’t hold for long or give that classic vintage look as well; So below are the results of my hair sets, how I did it and the vintage hair inspiration from my favourite old hollywood and current actresses for the look.

Also this month I purchased a lip product called Velvetines in “Red Velvet” by a company called Limecrime. This product is amazing, it’s like a lip gloss but comes out like a matte lipstain/lipstick. You know this product is good when I use it more than my beloved Mac’s Russian Red! I make sure I put a lipliner on first so it doesn’t bleed, I use Mac’s Cherry lipliner but whatever works for you!

Here are the photos to sum up my month with my old hollywood inspiration as always. Thanks for reading!


Karina xx

P.s, If you want to know where any of my outfits are from comment below!

Summer… Old Hollywood style!


It’s hopefully here to stay… my favourite season… Summer!

I love everything about summer, how everyone seems happier, how you can wear your favourite dresses, skirts & playsuits without tights, how you can wear sandals without worrying if maybe your feet will get wet if it starts to rain.

These are my recent purchases…

Pink dress (on my 24th!): Miss Selfridge, White Floral Dress: Oasis.

Obviously British summer is very unpredictable, so whenever the sun is out I like to make the most of it!

Luckily I should be going abroad to Majorca on holiday in August with my sister & friends, so that means I can have a summer without relying on the British weather! (Hopefully!)

This year I have been overindulging myself a little bit too much, so I will be investing in a Pin-up style swimsuit or bikini (depending on whether my diet/exercise regime goes well!).

I love how flattering pin-up style swimwear is and how classy it looks.

I plan on investing in one from but there are so many to choose from!

Here are just a couple of my favourites…

They have some in the same style as: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot & Grace Kelly…

Let me know what one you think!

Karina x