Old Hollywood Glamour In New York

Bonjour Lovelies!


Hope everyone has been well since my last post!

I just got back from my holiday in New York yesterday and I cannot wait to tell you & show you all about it; From what I wore, to where I got my style inspiration from and to… oh yeah and to getting engaged to my handsome boyfriend of 7 years, so I will show you a little picture of the ring!

So, as I went in Christmas time it was very cold, (but also pretty and romantic) so I needed something to keep me warm. As a staple item from the 1940s’ and 1950’s the fur coat is always a reliable and fashionable item. My fur coat is just a faux fur coat from Oasis because I don’t like the thought of wearing real fur, this Oasis one cost me £100 which I managed to get for the first bid of £25 on Ebay as the seller lost the receipt so couldn’t take it back. It was such a lovely coat so I was preparing myself for a bidding war but it didn’t happen! So £25 was all I paid in the end and I couldn’t be more pleased with it!

I also needed a hat to keep my head and ears warm, I don’t just take one so I took a white faux fur headband to keep my ears warm from George at Asda, two hats both from H&M (one black, one red) and I bought some lovely caramel coloured faux fur ear muffs while I was in New York!

Most days I wore pencil skirts with a lot of layers for the top: a thermal long sleeve top, a vest, another long sleeve top and a statement knitted jumper or cardigan (The striped jumper was bought from Forever 21 in Times Square).

On one day as you will see I wore a floral dress from Topshop which I had long sleeves on underneath but I made a lot of Marilyn blowing of the skirt scenes in  this so I went back to my trusted Topshop pencil skirt’s!

The night we went to The Rockefeller Center I had no idea I would leave engaged, after being with someone for 7 years and it never happening I kind of thought it wasn’t going to happen to me, but as I stared out at the night sky at the New York skyline being cuddled by Matt he suddenly turned to me and he said this amazing romantic speech (which I’d prefer to keep to myself) then he got down on one knee, presenting a little box in his hand with a diamond ring in it and he asked me to marry him; My glove covering my face and tears streaming down my face I said yes.

Thanks for reading, I’m so happy to share that memory with you,

Karina  xxx


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