Vintage, 1940’s &1950’s Wedding Style.


Hope you are all well!

Last weekend I went to one of the best weddings I have ever been to: a 1950’s inspired wedding!

First off I would like to give my congrats again the happy couple: Mr Tom O’Hagan & Mrs Imari May O’Hagan!


This wedding the bride Imari was her own wedding planner: she made/bought the decor, made the cake, made the invitations, her and Tom also bought all the vintage crockery, flowers, champagne and even did the catering!  I really could go on!

The wedding was complete with a BBQ, Afternoon tea in the style of a Jubilee street party, Photo-booth, Jukebox and Band!

All the guests helped with baking cakes, scones, making sandwiches and instead of a photographer everyone helped with taking photos of the moments that were priceless!

Here are some photos of this spectacular wedding that I took:

 (My yellow dress in the photos is from Hell Bunny, bag from Primark, shoes from Topshop & jewellery from Marks & Spencer’s.)


If you’re thinking of having a vintage style wedding there are so many different places to get inspiration from.

In one of my recent blog posts about my favourite books, I featured a book called “Vintage Wedding Style”, which I took many photos inside the book.

Books, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google, Youtube and Instagram give so much inspirational pictures and videos on how to achieve that vintage wedding you’ve been dreaming of!

Here are some of my favourite inspirational photos:


I seriously could go on!

And as always, thanks for reading,

Karina. x


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