Vintage Style Bicycles & My 50’s style this Summer.


I hope everyone is having an amazing summer!

The weather has been gorgeous here in Bristol, England, which doesn’t last very long so I like to make the most of the hot weather.

Last week I was lucky enough that my Dad bought me a bicycle!

Now… I was set on buying a vintage bicycle second-hand, I tried a lovely Raleigh Twenty folding white bicycle, but I wanted to look around first.

After looking online at Ebay, Gumtree & the Trade-It we gave up and went to Halford, where we found a lovely vintage style  white bicycle designed by Victoria Pendleton (an Olympic Cyclist).

She also designed similar bikes in baby blue, black and red.

I cycled around in the store, I was very shaky as I had not ridden in 8 years, but it was perfect for me so we bought it.


Last week I went on a charity bike ride with my work friends, cycling from Bristol to Bitton and back again (18 Miles).

Was hard work for me as I hadn’t rode properly in 8 years, definitely achy now, and very sun burnt (26*C).

I look very funny in my helmet but safety first!


If you’re thinking of getting a vintage style bicycle but don’t fancy any of the Pendleton range, here are some of my recommendations from brands such as:

Bobbins, Raleigh, Hercules and Viking:


That’s it for bicycles!

Now let’s get to fashion… (Playsuit above from River Island, Sandals from Topshop)

I have been trying to save my money this month so have had to opt for Primark, but they’ve had some nice stuff this summer so I can’t complain.

All clothing from Primark except the bralet which is a second-hand bargain purchased from Ebay originally from New Look.


I have also bought two vintage dresses from a vintage shop in Stokes Croft  in Bristol called “Dutty” which I totally recommend.

Which maybe I shall show you in my next blog post?

Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to have a fantastic summer!

Karina. x


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