Gentlemen Prefer Marilyn…


This post I’ve been thinking of doing for a while but never knew what to say because this subject is very close to my heart, someone who I never knew but who I read so many books on and who has taught me to always be true to myself and never be someone I’m not.

My love for Marilyn Monroe started as a young girl when I first watched “Some Like it Hot” at a friend’s house, I was mesmerized by her presence, she was so funny, charming and beautiful, I wanted to find out more about her and carried on watching more of her films. As I’ve gotten older and many books later I’ve realised 80% of what the media has portrayed her as is completely false, she was very ahead of her years:

  •   Marilyn was the very first person to start an independent film production company: Marilyn Monroe Productions.
  • She led to the overhaul of the studio system studios used to tell actors what movie they’d be in, they had no choice in the matter. She refused to do anymore ‘dumb blonde’ roles and walked out on her contract, which led to changes in the entire system.
  • She was well read and highly intelligent. Her favorite authors included Dostoevsky, Proust,Freud, and Whitman. She studied with two of the most acclaimed acting teachers of all time, Michael Chekhov and Lee Strasberg of the famed Actor’s Studio.
  • She was an early advocate of civil rights. When a whites-only club refused to book African-American singer Ella Fitzgerald, she personally called the club and told them if they booked Ella she would sit front row every night. She also headed the Committee For A Sane Nuclear Policy.
  • She gave her time and money to numerous charities including the USO, The Milk Fund, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Arthritis Foundation, The March of Dimes, and many anonymous donations to orphanages.

My favourite Marilyn movies which I’ve watched over and over are:

  • Niagara.
  • Don’t Bother To Knock
  • Some Like it Hot.
  • How to Marry a Millionaire.
  • And Last but defiantly not least: Gentlemen prefer Blondes.

Marilyn’s fashion & Style inspires my dress sense most of the time, she knew what worked for her curves and dressed for her figure, Marilyn has also inspired ranges such as from Macy’s and Mac.                                    


Marilyn died 50 years ago and is still loved and appreciated by so many, her style is still copied by many celebs such as: Madonna, Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams and many more.



Thanks for reading, I could of wrote so much more and there’s so many beautiful photos of Marilyn out there it was hard to choose!

Karina x





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