Books that have inspired my fashion choices and books for future inspiration…


I wanted to share with you some lovely books that I have read and some I recently just bought this weekend I’m about to read.

Marilyn Monroe has always been an icon to me since when I was a little girl and seen “Some Like It Hot” at a friend’s house.

The two Marilyn books below I have read and they  have got to the truth on all the lies told about Marilyn over the years that most people believe are true because of the media.   James Haspiel is one of the authors who was a close friend of Marilyn’s and decided to write a book to set the story straight about his friend when the lies got to him too much.

Coco Chanel was an amazing designer who changed fashion forever.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen because I love they’re range called The Row, it’s very classic and they are brilliant designers.

Vintage Weddings, I know I’m not engaged, but they have some amazing cake and decor ideas, I just love how vibrant and classic the book is.

American Cooking, because!

And more…

Have a look and tell me what you think!

I’ve also thrown in some of my latest clothing looks from Lookbook for you.

Click on the photo to see where I purchased what I’m wearing.



Karina x


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